What types of cars are used for driving instruction?

We currently use a 2016 Toyota Corolla for all driving lessons.

Are your training vehicles well maintained and safe?

Yes.  The DMV requires that our training vehicles be inspected at least once a year by a licensed repair facility.  In addition, the training vehicles undergo routine preventative maintenance to insure that they remain in safe working order.  If a

Are your vehicles equipped with an auxiliary brake pedal for the instructor?

Yes.  We are required to have an instructor brake in all training vehicles.

Are your vehicles identified as driver training cars?

Yes.  All Precision Driving School vehicles have the school name and telephone number clearly displayed on the sides and back of the vehicle

Do you offer instruction in a manual transmission vehicle?

No.  All of our cars have automatic transmissions.

Can we use your vehicle for the driving test?

We do not offer our vehicle to be used for the drive test at this time.