Areas Served

Which areas does Precision Driving School of Paso Robles serve?

We serve the communities of Paso Robles, San Miguel, Parkfield, Bradley, San Ardo, King City and Greenfield. We also serve the outlying areas of Jardine, Geneseo, Whitley Gardens, Adelaida, Heritage Ranch and Oak Shores. Pick up and drop off in Paso Robles unless other arrangements have been made.


What is the process for a minor to get a permit at the DMV?

The DMV permit test is now given by appointment ONLY.  Drop-ins may be turned away.  If the Paso Robles DMV does not have any openings, widen your search to consider San Luis Obispo, King City etc. to get an earlier time.

The student must bring a certified copy of his/her birth certificate, Social Security number, certificate of completion for driver education, completed driver license application form (DL 44), and pay an application fee; currently $33.

The student must pass an eye test, give a thumb print, have their photograph taken and pass a 46 question test with no more than 8 errors. If the student fails the written test, he/she must wait one week before another attempt can be made. In order to provide enough time for the test, no tests will be given after 4:30 P.M.

How do we get signed up?

When students or parents call to sign up, enrollment in the driver training program can be completed over the phone.

Can a student drive without a permit?

No.  For an individual of any age to practice driving, they must show a basic understanding of traffic laws and signs by taking the written permit test at the DMV.

What is the earliest a student can obtain a permit?

Students can get their permits as early as 15 ½ years old after taking an online or classroom driver education course.

Driver Training

How many hours of instruction do students need to get their license?

Student drivers under the age of 18 are required to have 6 hours of training with a licensed driving instructor before they can take their license exam.  In addition, they are required to have a minimum of 50 hours of supervised driving experience with a licensed California driver 25 or older; at least ten hours at night.  The DMV encourages parents and students to keep a log of practice time behind the wheel.

How many driving lessons does a student under 18 need to take to complete the program?

The program consists of four one and a half hour lessons taken over a six month period of time.

What is the cost for driver training?

The lessons are each $80.  The four lesson driver training program costs $320.  Lessons can be paid for as they are taken.  We offer discounts when driver training and/or driver education are paid for up front.  We accept payments of cash, check and credit card via PayPal.

Is a student driver who is already 16 or 17 still required to have an instruction permit for six months?

Yes.  All students under 18 must have a valid permit for a minimum of six months before getting their license.  The six months begins from the day that they obtain their permit, not from the day they take their first driving lesson.  At 18 years of age, a driver license applicant must have a permit but is not required to hold it for a minimum period of time.

Do we need insurance for the student to take driving lessons?

No.  We have insurance that covers the student driver when he/she is taking instruction in our vehicles.

Should I take my student driver out on public roads to practice before their first driving lesson?

We discourage parents from taking their children out driving on public roads before they have had their first lesson with the instructor.  The permit is not yet valid and students may develop bad habits from this early training.  On the first lesson, the driving instructor will sign the student’s permit which will make it legal for the student driver to begin practicing with a licensed California driver 25 or older.

Can the driving lessons be taken in one week, one month etc.?

Yes.  However, we have found that spreading the lessons over six months is more effective than taking all the lessons over a shorter period of time.

Can one or all of the lessons be given in my own vehicle?

No.  Because of DMV regulations requiring an instructor brake pedal and also insurance requirements, all driver training lessons must be conducted in our vehicles.

Is there only one student at a time in the car during driving lessons?

Yes.  We provide one on one instruction for each lesson.  There are instances however where one student at the beginning of his/her lesson will drive the previous student home.  We do this so that the lessons can be scheduled back to back.  In this case, the lessons will overlap 15 minutes or less.  We are careful to make sure that each student gets their full 90 minutes of instruction.

Is a student driver required to drive another student home on his or her first lesson?

No.  On many first lessons we suggest that we pick up your student driver about 15 minutes early so that the first student can take himself/herself home.  Then your student driver’s lesson would begin at the other student’s home.

What is taught on the first lesson? Do you go on the freeway on the first lesson?

On the first lesson we focus on training students in basic vehicle handling skills while instilling good habits, good judgement and confidence.  We WILL NOT go on the freeway on the student’s first lesson unless parents request it and the instructor feels the student is ready.

Can we request a female instructor for one or all of the lessons?

Yes.  Christine is a very experienced driving instructor and would be willing to drive with a student that would feel more comfortable with a female instructor.  Please make sure that you make that request when scheduling each lesson.

Do we need to insure our student driver when they have their permit and are driving our vehicles?

This depends on your insurance company.  Some companies will only add a driver to your policy if they have their license.  Others will add a student driver with a permit.  Contact your insurance agent for information on their company specific policies.

Can a student driver practice driving with siblings or friends in the car?

Yes.  The DMV requires that a student driver be accompanied by a licensed California driver 25 or older who is in a position to give instruction and sit close enough to be able to take control of the vehicle at any time.  There is no restriction regarding younger passengers as long as this requirement is met.  Many times however an inexperienced driver will do better without the distraction of having friends or siblings in the back seat during the first several driving sessions with a parent.

What are the restrictions on newly licensed 16 and 17 year olds?

Effective January 1, 2006, newly licensed drivers under 18 must be accompanied and supervised by a licensed parent, guardian, other licensed driver 25 years of age or older, or a licensed or certified driving instructor when they:

a) Transport passengers under 20 years of age at any time for the first twelve months.

b) Drive between 11 PM and 5 AM for the first twelve months.

Effective July 1, 2008, Drivers under the age of 18 may not use any type of wireless device such as a telephone (including “hands-free”), pager, laptop, or any other electronic communication or mobile services device to speak or text, while driving.
EXCEPTION: A cell phone may be used in an emergency situation to call police, fire or medical authorities.

Training Vehicles

What types of cars are used for driving instruction?

We currently use a 2016 Toyota Corolla for all driving lessons.

Are your training vehicles well maintained and safe?

Yes.  The DMV requires that our training vehicles be inspected at least once a year by a licensed repair facility.  In addition, the training vehicles undergo routine preventative maintenance to insure that they remain in safe working order.  If a vehicle is found to be unsafe, the vehicle is taken out of service and repaired promptly.

Are your vehicles equipped with an auxiliary brake pedal for the instructor?

Yes.  We are required to have an instructor brake in all training vehicles.

Are your vehicles identified as driver training cars?

Yes.  All Precision Driving School vehicles have the school name and telephone number clearly displayed on the sides and back of the vehicle

Do you offer instruction in a manual transmission vehicle?

No.  All of our cars have automatic transmissions.

Can we use your vehicle for the driving test?

We do not offer our vehicle to be used for the drive test at this time.


Do you offer traffic violator school?

No. However you can find information about traffic violator schools located in Paso Robles at the DMV website.

Do you offer training for Class A, Class B or motorcycle licenses?

No.  We only offer training for the Class C license.